The High Chaparral

The High Chaparral was a highly acclaimed Western television show that premiered on September 11, 1967 on NBC. Created by the executive producer of Bonanza, David Dortort, this successful series was exciting, original, realistic to the period, well-written, and brought to life by consummate performers. Set in the Arizona territory west of Tucson in the 1870's, The High Chaparral  is the story of carving out a life in the rugged desert. 

Ted portrayed Reno, a ranch hand who was equally at home with a six-gun or a guitar. He appeared in 42 episodes.






The High Chaparral Cast
John Cannon .....Leif Erickson
Buck Cannon.....Cameron Mitchell
Victoria Montoya Cannon.....Linda Cristal
Blue Cannon.....Mark Slade
Henry Darrow.....Manolito Montoya
Ted Markland....Reno
Don Collier.....Sam Butler
Bob Hoy.....Joe Butler
Roberto Contreras....Pedro
Jerry Summers....Ira
Rudolpho Acosta....Vaquero
Frank Silvera....Don Sebastian Montoya



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